ProgCop application firewall

ProgCop is an application firewall for Windows systems. ProgCop makes it easy to block applications from going online. ProgCop features real time view of processes that are connecting to the Internet. Blocking them can be done with a single mouse click. ProgCop is great addition for your privacy toolbox as it allow you to block apps from phoning home.


Why ProgCop?

In todays online world it's more important than ever before to take care of your privacy. Many applications are making outbound connections from your computer without you knowing anything about it. They collect telemetry information and send it back to the creator of the application. With ProgCop you can decide what processes can connect to the Internet from your computer.

How ProgCop works?

ProgCop uses Windows Firewall API to block outbound connections for applications. Because ProgCop uses builtin Windows APIs no kernel level drivers are needed which keeps your system stable. ProgCop is meant to be used together with the built-in Windows Firewall to block outbound connections.

Note that ProgCop needs admin priviledges to run (because it's using Windows Firewall API). When starting ProgCop it will ask for the permissions.


Lightweight, does not run in the background
Stop apps from phoning phone
Exposes apps and executables making connections
Block or unblock with a single click
Safe, does not make your system unstable
HiDPI support
Non-intrusive operation
IPv6 support
No cost, 100% free without ads
Very easy to use

Open source

ProgCop is available as open source under the MIT license, for free of charge. There are no commercial editions, ProgCop is fully featured and free for everyone.

Download ProgCop

ProgCop is available as a single binary file. There's no need to install anything, just unzip to a folder and run ProgCop.exe from there. Download ProgCop. Latest version of ProgCop is 1.0.0 and it was released 2019-07-25.


You may email me (and I really want you to) but it might take some days before I get the time to answer your email. My email address is

There is also an issues platform available on Github. For feature request and bug reports please file an issue.