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Niko Rosvall

Last updated: 2018-12-01

Welcome. I tend to like to turn off my computer and spend my time in nature. However, sometimes I also write software.

This page mostly exist just as a place to dump stuff I've done. I do keep this updated fairly well. Most of the software I write is security related.

Software, I wrote a script for Kornshell (ksh) to automatically handle external monitor I use with my laptop. Script works with a docking station too. This script is originally based on someone elses work, I just modified it to fit my needs and ported it from Bash to Ksh. Tested only on OpenBSD.

I wrote an encryption program for Windows that integrates with Windows explorer context menu.

I wrote a simple secure password generator.

Upcoming software

At the moment I'm developing a password manager for Windows. It will concentrate on security, code correctness, simplicity and easy of use. The software will be designed to be portable (no install, run from USB stick) and lightweight from the start.

My My Twitter handle. You may send me an email too: